What is Infrared Heating & How Does it Work?

Infrared heating systems and panels are exciting and innovative products that function by heating objects rather than heating air, a principle that brings with it numerous benefits and advantages. Powered electrically, these heaters transmit 'far infrared' rays, invisible to the human eye but which have the potential to vastly reduce heating costs and transform the way rooms, buildings and spaces are heated. With the possibility of installation on walls and ceilings, flexibility is hugely increased.

While infrared rays are invisible to the human eye, they act on surfaces rather than air currents, offering a vastly superior level of efficiency for sustaining temperatures. Far infrared technology has been adapted to heat domestic, office, retail and commercial environments.

Are Infrared Waves Dangerous?

Enjoywarm infrared heaters are 100% safe. ?We naturally absorb and emit infrared waves every day. Infrared waves have surrounded us for thousands of years, from the sun and from fires and stoves. Unlike UV, Gamma or X-rays, Infrared waves are completely harmless.

Is it safe?

All Enjoywarm products are certified as safe to use by the standards of TUV, CE, CSA (Canada and USA), PCT, SAC, IP65 (“wet areas” such as bathrooms and kitchens) and IGEF ( low electrosmug). They meet all safety standards required for use in the UK

How long do Enjoywarm infrared panels last?

Enjoywarm have been manufacturing their domestic infrared panels for over 15 years. Since the technology involves no moving parts and/or component degradation, panels are estimated to last a lifetime.

All Enjoywarm panels come with a standard 90 months manufacturers warranty for added piece of mind

How do I control the heat?

Like conventional heating systems, far infrared technology is controlled through a range of programmable thermostats, receivers and sensors.

We offer products for:

  • Individual Zones/Rooms
  • Individual Appliances (plug-in thermostat)
  • Whole House Control (using mobile apps)
  • Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR's)
Are there health advantages?

A major advantage of infrared heating is that air is not used as the medium for transporting the heat. There is less air movement which reduces the amount of dust lifted into the air. The result of this is you have far less dust and allergens in the air we breathe. The air is cooler which also helps breathing.

Another factor to consider is the drying out of damp walls. Infrared heats the walls and not the air combating mould and mildew which in turn improves the air quality.

Also by heating the fabric of the room there is very little temperature difference between floor and ceiling. With convection heating systems the warm air is near the ceiling and the floor is cold. With Enjoywarm you have a pleasant temperature throughout the room

How long to install?

A panel can be fitted in as little as 30 mins. Whole house installations can take as little as a day depending on existing electrical circuits.

What do the panels look like?

Standard panels have a slim white powder coat. Panels are available as glass or mirror - or in bespoke finishes, including black boards, white boards or even a picture of the client's choice.

What are the benefits of the panels?

Lower running and maintenance costs and, thanks to rejuvenating qualities of infrared technology, a healthier lifestyle.

How are the panels installed?

Using simple, secure fittings, packaged with heating units, infrared panels can be mounted on walls or ceilings. In non-standard constructions, some installations may require a more specialist fitting. Templates are supplied with every panel for ease of installation.

What do you do about hot water?

Existing hot water sources may be retained or, alternatively, unvented water heaters can be fitted at point of source (under sinks or baths, etc). A wide range of alternatives is available, dependent on circumstances, and we encourage clients to contact us to discuss exact requirements.

Isn’t electric heating expensive?

As gas and oil supply costs continue to rise at greater rates than electricity. Infrared heat requires only a fraction of the energy of traditional electric heating.

Is there any upheaval to install?

Unlike a traditional central heating system, infrared technology requires no pipes beneath floors or to boilers - meaning installation causes minimal disruption.

Will I see the Wiring?

Depending on the type of installation (retro-fit or new build), wiring can be completely hidden or collected discreetly in a cable tidy.

How much do panels cost?

Panels vary in cost depending on size, output requirement and finish. Our panels start at £350.00 with a full heating system for a typical 3 bedroom home costing under £6500.00 offering excellent value for money?

How efficient are the panels?

Since all energy is converted to heat, infrared panels are 100% energy efficient at point of use. With no moving parts and no degradation potential, infrared panels offer excellent durability and low maintenance requirements.

Do the panels not get really hot?

Surface temperature of a panel can vary from 65 degrees to 95 degrees. Although they can feel hot to touch they will not immediately burn, however they may burn through prolonged contact. Unlike traditional heaters infrared panels are mounted at a higher level making them a safer option.